Third Party Mods

The mods on this page were not made by me, and are completely unsupported. They’re here simply to provide a mirror or download location.


GomaPero Poses v14

Poses made by GomaPero.



Bikini Ascend WIP

hi fellow moomins nise is here ヅ!

no I’m not actually, while you are reading this text I’m sitting front of my desktop, probably jerking my ass off for thomas the tank engine porn.

so I made this shit while ago and was meant to be included in the planned follow-up updates for “the amazing world of bikini armor” in order to keep the mod fresh and nice :3
but,,,some of you guys may know things went south almost right after I published the mod,and it led me to a hustle with nexus.

still not sure why they were so pissed at me,it seemed to me they really didn’t like my blatant defiance against of their “authority”. but well,,,do I give a shit for it, oh hell no.(fuck you nexus)
anyway after that little stunt got me kicked out from nexus, I got kinda turned off from modding.

then,,,uh what was I talking about? oh yeah bikini ascend yes! after the incident I decided to keep my mods in private and only share with my friends because,,,duh.
however kofman had different idea says “you gotta share it with people!” then I respond like “oy home boi you better shut the hell up!”

then we agreed to release some completed parts of the project(yes i omitted some important bits of the story.I wanna go to sleep already)


Eiries and HoneyVanity

Ohmes-Raht Pack v0.3

Side note: This is a texture set and not a race. Find a suitable race and use it as a replacer.

Khajiit-human hybrid skin textures for face and body.


Ohmes-Raht Race v1.1

Race mod for the Ohmes-Raht pack. Now you can use it standalone and with some nifty little extras.

Abyssal Dremora Textures

Side note: This is a texture set and not a race. Find a suitable race and use it as a replacer.

Just textures, rudimentary manual install knowledge required. Use with a custom race of your choice, just make sure the corresponding files have the same name, then overwrite them.

PSD Resources: Diffuses | Normals | Speculars | Lava Scar Workshop

Abyssal Dremora Race v1.0

A standalone racemod for the Abyssal Dremora textures. FEMALE ONLY, like the original textures.

UNP Doll Skin

A smooth, pale, desaturated skin. Perfect for ghostly types, or simply pretty girls that want to keep out of the sun.


UNP Creamy

For creamy, dreamy waifan.

Just another skin mix by HV

UNP creamy is a mixture of UNP’s fair skin texture and SG female texture along with UNP delicate’s body MSN. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a smooth and “creamy” looking skin. Not the most realistic, but looks nice if you are going for an “animu” looking elf! Some textures are uncompressed for fear of quality loss and artifacting.



Clean, high quality teeth textures. Comes in 1K and 2K versions. Credit to zzjay for the original base (smile in HD) and urgarulga for the tongue and inner mouth area (teeth plus)



High quality, uncompressed, seamless texture mix. Originally created for Xidix, the MEGA MILKDRINKER package has been built for versatility, so don’t expect built in abs or anything like that. These are just diffuses, so mix and match with your favorite speculars and normalmaps.

Standard | Pale | Readme

Honey Eyes

A small pack of eye textures, made standalone by kalilies.


HV Skin suite (AKA Barbarian and Milkdrinker)

Better known publicly as “Barbarian and Milkdrinker” skins. This package has a bunch of sub-packages with a number of variations on both skin types.


HV Body Paints

A collection of .png resource files of past body paints Bee-V has had.


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