Permissions Statement

My permissions statement is incredibly simple and straightforward.

If I was the original creator, you can use it.

That’s the basic thing. The more complex version goes like this:

Any and all content created by me (Halofarm) directly is free to use for absolutely any purpose, whether it be converting, porting to other games, non-commercial, or commercial. This pertains to assets that I was the original creator of. Meshes, textures, poses, voice files. If I use any third party resources to create these things in my original work, they are always free for any type of use.

For content I did not create originally:

I include credits or separate permission statements in each of my readme files, and sometimes links. It’s best practice for you to read these and see if you need to ask someone else first, or if you can do anything with it at all. Some items will be used by permission. Some items are used by license. Especially for items used by license, you need to check the readme credits and permissions. Some items may not even be legal for you to reuse or redistribute.

These are my permissions as of 17th August 2020. This overrides any permissions in readmes for mods released before that date, and will be used as my permissions in future readme files.

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