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This page is a list of mods I consider recent or frequently updated. As such, I will generally provide support for them.

Aether Suite 3.9.0 – Project KnOx


Welcome to the Aether Suite. A fancy name for the compilation of my random imaginings over the past (insert far too large number here) of years, and a vague attempt to make it lore friendly. At least, about as lore friendly as a Japanese school and a cyberpunk town can get. More like lore accepting? Lore embracing? Trying its best not to offend lore in case lore stops calling it? Something like that.

The Aether Suite 4.0 is currently in development, and will be the final release. The release schedule, originally planned for late 2020, has been pushed back to “whenever I manage to complete the overwhelming list of things I want to get done before I lock it down forever”. 2020 has delayed a lot of things for everyone, modding has been one of those things for me.

The Aether Suite is made up of five modules:

Arclite Community College – An idealised representation of a Japanese school, as imagined by one very bored weeb. Comes in dry and rainy versions.
Knox – A medium sized cyberpunk setting, as imagined by one very bored geek.
Photographer’s Studio – A studio designed specifically for the taking of character based screenshots.
Onsen – Used to be called Hot Springs Hotel, but we all know it’s a weeb bath house.
Back Rooms – Random Rooms for me to indulge my creative side. Your follower cannot travel to these rooms, and returning from them requires you to use the Aether Suite teleport to get back to the lobby.

Download | Screenshots

These videos are out of date and are recordings of very old versions of the mod, but hopefully they’ll give you some idea of what to expect.

Knox Module: Preview Video
Academy Module: Daytime Tour Video | Nighttime Tour Video


A body mod designed with screenshooting in mind, and a pretty huge compilation of modular outfit pieces to go with it. This is the only currently supported version of UNPCM, and even any new Aether Suite outfits (if any are added) will make use of this body type. There will likely be both future updates to this mod directly, and standalone addons designed to be paired with the UNPCMHP body.

Download LE | Download SE | Screenshots

Tightness – addon

A rather lewd original outfit designed with skin tightness, or tighter than skin tightness in mind.

Download LE | Download SE

Hijiri – addon

The basis was inspired by the outfit of the Touhou character, Hijiri Byakuren, but it’s really a very loose relation. The larger portion of the outfit was the result of an undirected curve of creative energy.

The outfit comes in 5 flavours, all fully mix and matchable, and it also has a thong option for the waist, if you want a slightly lewder look, as I know some of you do.

The outfit meshes are rather high poly. The result of me applying my subsurf modifiers half way through the modelling process and forgetting to roll back the changes before saving a new file increment. Skyrim shouldn’t have any problem with them though, even on a low end machine, so long as you don’t put everyone and their mother in the outfit.

The textures on the other hand, are a bit insane. By default, the outfit comes with an 8k chest and all 4k peripherals which results in something like 100mb of textures for the full outfit. However, you’ll see in the downloads a “sane textures” option. That’s a 4k chest and 2k peripherals. Install this if your machine isn’t up to the default textures. The visual quality shouldn’t be too much worse.

The “sane textures” pack will work for both the LE and SE version, so just install it with whatever mod organiser you use and let it overwrite the originals.

Download LE | Download SE | Sane Textures | Screenshots

High Poly Hands and Feet for UNP/7B Bodies

This mod replaces you UNP feet and hands with high poly, smoother, more precisely (and realistically) weighted models.

Why do you want it?

Well, if you’re just playing the game and don’t really care much about things like cosmetics, or screenshots, you probably don’t. However, for those of you who do care about cosmetics and screenshots, especially when it comes to using poses, these meshes look far better than the UNP originals, or better hands. They are weighted to bend much more realistically, which means all those hand angles in poses in animations will look much better. I also did some minor reshaping to the feet to give them a slightly more feminine look. Also, a lot less pointy bits. See the screenshots for examples of how these meshes look under stress.

High poly?

That means it has a bunch more faces and vertices. By design, the mesh is much bigger, so if you have a particularly low end PC, there is a chance these meshes will impact your performance. If you are worried about performance, I recommend testing this mod before deciding whether or not to use it, only installing it on custom races (so everyone and their mother aren’t using the high poly meshes) or just not installing it at all, to be on the safe side.

This mod is also the perfect pairing with UNPCMHP.

Download | Screenshots

Poser Mods

Halo’s Poser S 1.8

My main poser mod, containing over 2000 poses (I think?), spanning most of the 8 years I’ve been modding Skyrim. Contains various types and styles of pose, and even has a couple of posers for, eugh, males.


MK Poser v1.0

A separate poser with extra cute and/or sexy poses. Poses are designed based on the artist Matsunaga Kouyou’s images. Very anime. The most anime.


Knox Poser v0.7

A separate poser with 105 object poses designed for use within the Aether Suite, particularly Knox.


FuwaPose v5.0

A poser designed for those who likes staves or have large breasts, or both. A little more “anime” than the usual poses.


HC Poser

A poser made for Christmas 2019, because it felt really crappy not getting you guys anything. The name stands for “Halo’s Christmas Poser”, but the poses are just what you’d expect from Halo’s Poser modules.


Public Poser

An empty pose mod. 405 empty pose slots, or 1215 empty pose slots. Designed so that pose makers have somewhere to dump their loose poses.

The mod does not contain any actual poses by default. This mod is a requirement for other mods, and does nothing on its own.

Download v1 (405 slots)
Download v2 (1215 slots)

Other Mods

The mods in this section are unsupported and are here due to how recently they were released, or their sheer size or uniqueness. They will receive no future support or updates.

Lizard Tongues

(This is) a release of all the different lizard tongues I’ve made up for my character Velassa over the past couple of years.

They’re a simple equippable item, and there are 2 types of each tongue with a higher or lower height to better suit different characters.

Original release post


HFeet 2

(This) is something relatively minor, but something all screenshooters who use my high poly feet can make use of. Much like the name suggests, it’s got the same theme as the older HFeet which was merged into HTools.

This pack is smaller, but it uses the final version of my high poly feet, so it looks a lot better than the old HTools feet.

Original release post


Ringo’s Wardrobe

So this one will be a little bit of a treat for 7BO fans. Some of you might know that I’m not just a UNPCM user. This particular mod release is a collection of a few mashups and original creations of mine, made for the character Ringo (of Fuwasan fame) over the past couple of years. Stuff I’ve been sitting on for a while now.

Once again I will say, this mod will not be updated, supported, or fixed. It’s released as is. If you find bugs, don’t tell me about it. This is final. The mod is 100% only, so if you use a lower weight of 7BO (but why the heck would you?) then this will be no good to you.

To use the stuff, first equip the high poly version of 7BO, named “Ringo’s Body”, then equip any of the other pieces you want to use with it. This is designed solely for screenshooting purposes, so no attention was paid to things like armour, improvement, or balance.

Original release post


Android Race

So some of you might have kept track of this mod a veeeery long time ago. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m releasing a lot of stuff I’ve had sitting around, and this is the last one of those, and the one that’s been waiting the longest. It took four years, but I finally decided to release it.

At this point it’s basically already outdated, for a lot of reasons. It’s unfinished. It was considered completely dead, but I decided to resurrect it, fix the bugs, and release it as is. That means it’s done, dusted, and we’re never coming back to it. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s unfortunate, but I will not be supporting the mod in any way. If you don’t understand how to make use of it, or that you can’t use (most) clothing with it, that’s your own problem.

Original release post

Download | Screenshots

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