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So there was no mid-month update this month? You thought maybe I’d keep you more up to date on what I was doing after that post last month? Well, I will, but this month, there was a reason.

I was working on a secret project.

What that actually means is I abandoned all my things I should be doing in order to do something way different. Something pretty fucking huge, tbh. I mean that in the literal filesize sense. This thing is 8gb compressed, and 20gb in your Skyrim install. It’s massive. There’s a reason for that though.

Okay, so here’s what the heck is actually going on. A while back, I realised that certain programs designed specifically for fancy screenshooting, such as DAZ, had this really kind of disconnected way of working. You take your little screenshooting location, and you take your outfit, and you take your character, and you take 1 or 2 pics of them in this setup, and then you go to a completely different setup, because this is designed to be digital photography, where you have any number of locations, but they’ll small and confined.

I thought “would be kinda cool if we had something like that in Skyrim”. So then I went off and scoured the internet (mostly just Sketchfab) and found kind of a huge pile of free resources to accomplish exactly that goal.

What is “Vignettes”?

So that brings me to the actual mod part of the post. This is vignettes. It’s a mod made up of a huge pile of free assets found online and used (mostly) under creative commons licenses. They are all completely separate. They have no relation to each other, and they most certainly have no relation to Skyrim. The entire point of this mod is provide you with 80 different locations, ranging from downright tiny (literally the corner of a room) to medium sized, that aren’t like anything else, because they were all created by different people. Styles, themes, and quality of assets vary hugely. The only thing any of them have in common is that they made me think “Oh, I like that. I’ll use it.”

The mod is called vignettes because that’s really the whole style of the project. “Small one shot scenes that have no particular relation to anything else and tell a story within themselves”.

The Technical Bit

  • 79 unique cells, all presented from 1 hub cell. A museum.
  • No relation to Skyrim in any way. Purely for random screenshooting.
  • Including 3D scans of real life locations, which are… interesting.
  • All interiors, using 360 degree HDRI sky boxes (or they were before they were compressed to DDS)
  • Most cells use 4 or less light sources.
  • Some scenes have huge resolution textures. Particularly the 3D scans, some of which use 8k chunks. So some of these cells are not for the faint of GPU.
  • The download is massive, coming in at a gargantuan 8gb compressed, and a full 20gb installed. If you’re low on space, this mod is absolutely not for you.
  • Every location has its own info stand. I know a lot of you don’t like to do the reading, but please do read them. They have info on each scene, and some will tell you things you need to know.
  • You get to the museum via a totally inconspicuous picture on the desk in Faringar’s back office, in Dragonsreach. That’s in the Cloud District. You get there often enough, don’t you?
  • Each location has an invisible door to return from. It is directly behind you as you enter, and it’s big, so you won’t have a hard time clicking on it. Always make sure you take note of where it is when you enter.
  • All assets are used legally, and all legal licenses and credits can be found in the credits.txt file.
  • The SE version sky boxes aren’t as good. Nothing I can do about it. The nif functions used in the LE version simply don’t work in SE, so I had to work around it. I don’t think the difference is too huge, but you can tell.

And with all of that long-ass post down, here are the downloads:

Vignettes LE: Download from Halo’s Mods | Download from Google Drive

Vignettes SE: Download from Halo’s Mods

Yes, we have google drive downloads this time, because it’s such a big file, my server’s 2mb/s per user limit just won’t cut it for some people.

Okay, there’s your progress update. That’s been my entire last month. Hope you guys find it useful!

August 2020 Update

So before my big server crash, I used to basically appear out of thin air once or twice a year to make releases, and then vanish again into the abyss. In an effort to reassure everyone that I’m actually still working on my updates, I’m gonna make an update post here and there to let you know, if nothing else, that I’m still alive, and still modding.

So today’s topics are me finally doing things I’ve been meaning to do for years.

Back when I originally introduced the “sports hall” to the school module, it was completely unfinished, but I actually pretty much forgot it existed, let alone that it wasn’t complete. It’s been a poorly lit empty room for something like 6 years now, but not any more!

As you can see, it finally looks like an actual gym, after all these years, with a little help from my penchant for floor lighting to help make it easier to screenshoot.

That’s not all though. I also finally got around to completely replacing my Ayleid textures.

Some of you may or may not be aware that I originally used textures from Qarl’s Texture Pack 3, since Qarl had passed away a few years previous, and I’d been wanting to carry a little bit of his work into more recent games, but I later found out that those textures weren’t actually legal, because they had been using upscaled Oblivion textures as a base. While Bethesda never gave me any trouble over this (as you can guess from the fact I didn’t do it sooner) it did lead me to place “make original Ayleid textures” to my ASToDo.txt, and they’ve been sitting there for years.

Whenever this final update will be, and I’m done giving predictions because life never works out that way, the last piece of questionable legality will be gone. I’m sad to see it go though.

As a matter of fact, I’m not usually one to release pieces of the AS ahead of updates, so consider this unofficial, but if anyone has a pressing need for the new textures, or just wants to check out the newer (not as good, in my opinion) textures, consider this an unofficial patch:

Place the contents of that file in /textures/0fadril/ayleid/. If you don’t know how to manually install things don’t try to install them.

Okay, that’s me signing off. Until next time.

Edit: Textures. It goes in textures. Please forgive me. I wrote that post when I got up.


Well, with this whole new blog after the rather unexpected server death, it occurs to me that perhaps I should release a mod to put some mods on the modding blog here.

So how about this?


Recently, I found myself with some time and motivation to make a little something in blender, so I made this. The basis was inspired by the outfit of the Touhou character, Hijiri Byakuren, but it’s really a very loose relation. The larger portion of the outfit was the result of an undirected curve of creative energy.

The outfit comes in 5 flavours, all fully mix and matchable, and it also has a thong option for the waist, if you want a slightly lewder look, as I know some of you do.

The outfit meshes are rather high poly. The result of me applying my subsurf modifiers half way through the modelling process and forgetting to roll back the changes before saving a new file increment. Skyrim shouldn’t have any problem with them though, even on a low end machine, so long as you don’t put everyone and their mother in the outfit.

The textures on the other hand, are a bit insane. By default, the outfit comes with an 8k chest and all 4k peripherals which results in something like 100mb of textures for the full outfit. However, you’ll see in the downloads a “sane textures” option. That’s a 4k chest and 2k peripherals. Install this if your machine isn’t up to the default textures. The visual quality shouldn’t be too much worse.

The “sane textures” pack will work for both the LE and SE version, so just install it with whatever mod organiser you use and let it overwrite the originals.

Which brings me to my next topic. Yes, this is a pretty long post.

I am beginning SSE support.

I’m not going to create ports of most pre-existing mods, especially anything on the archive page, so don’t get your hopes up too high. What I am doing is releasing SSE version of anything new I make, and any new mod updates, from here on. I know a lot of you are using SSE now, and are probably having to go to all kinds of places to find ports of my mods, so I thought I’d fix that.

Today’s Hijiri release is for both LE and SE, but it’s an addon for UNPCMHP., which any new original outfits or converted outfits will be in future. Naturally if you have SE, you don’t have UNPCMHP, so I fixed that too. The base file and the Tightness addon have both been ported to SE as well. All you need is a UNP compatible texture and XPMSE and you’re good to go.

The body is flagged to use CBBE HDT-SMP physics, so if you have HDT-SMP installed, it’ll pick up your breast bounce. Not much more though. All UNPCMHP has is breast bounce support.

Okay, enough waffling. Downloads and screenshots abound.

Hijiri LE version: Download
Hijiri SE version: Download
Hijiri “Sane” textures: Download
Hijiri preview images: Here

UNPCMHP SE version: Download
Tightness SE version: Download

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