The new setup is vastly simplified over the older one. The setup is a bit sparse right now, but I’ll be filling it out as time goes on.

The page names explain it all, and it’s just those 3 pages. No million sub-pages.

Functionally, everything is back up. All old links on third party sites from before the server crash should be working, thanks to redirects.

Anything you might find “missing” is not actually missing, but omitted due to executive decision. All the incredibly out of date third party followers, and various low resolution texture versions of mods have been left out of the new setup, and will remain left out.

The archives section is just that. Archives. Nothing will be added there. No screenshots, no updates. It exists so people can redownload old mods they may want for whatever reason, not to encourage new users to look.

The current mods section will be populated with screenshots links in the next few days or weeks, but it’s not a priority.

I’ll also jazz up the blog layout a bit. Feels pretty empty without all those butts in the banner.

All in all though, the functional downtime was kept to a minimum. Thanks for bearing with me.