Month: August 2020

August 2020 Update

So before my big server crash, I used to basically appear out of thin air once or twice a year to make releases, and then vanish again into the abyss. In an effort to reassure everyone that I’m actually still working on my updates, I’m gonna make an update post here and there to let you know, if nothing else, that I’m still alive, and still modding.

So today’s topics are me finally doing things I’ve been meaning to do for years.

Back when I originally introduced the “sports hall” to the school module, it was completely unfinished, but I actually pretty much forgot it existed, let alone that it wasn’t complete. It’s been a poorly lit empty room for something like 6 years now, but not any more!

As you can see, it finally looks like an actual gym, after all these years, with a little help from my penchant for floor lighting to help make it easier to screenshoot.

That’s not all though. I also finally got around to completely replacing my Ayleid textures.

Some of you may or may not be aware that I originally used textures from Qarl’s Texture Pack 3, since Qarl had passed away a few years previous, and I’d been wanting to carry a little bit of his work into more recent games, but I later found out that those textures weren’t actually legal, because they had been using upscaled Oblivion textures as a base. While Bethesda never gave me any trouble over this (as you can guess from the fact I didn’t do it sooner) it did lead me to place “make original Ayleid textures” to my ASToDo.txt, and they’ve been sitting there for years.

Whenever this final update will be, and I’m done giving predictions because life never works out that way, the last piece of questionable legality will be gone. I’m sad to see it go though.

As a matter of fact, I’m not usually one to release pieces of the AS ahead of updates, so consider this unofficial, but if anyone has a pressing need for the new textures, or just wants to check out the newer (not as good, in my opinion) textures, consider this an unofficial patch:

Place the contents of that file in /textures/0fadril/ayleid/. If you don’t know how to manually install things don’t try to install them.

Okay, that’s me signing off. Until next time.

Edit: Textures. It goes in textures. Please forgive me. I wrote that post when I got up.


Well, with this whole new blog after the rather unexpected server death, it occurs to me that perhaps I should release a mod to put some mods on the modding blog here.

So how about this?


Recently, I found myself with some time and motivation to make a little something in blender, so I made this. The basis was inspired by the outfit of the Touhou character, Hijiri Byakuren, but it’s really a very loose relation. The larger portion of the outfit was the result of an undirected curve of creative energy.

The outfit comes in 5 flavours, all fully mix and matchable, and it also has a thong option for the waist, if you want a slightly lewder look, as I know some of you do.

The outfit meshes are rather high poly. The result of me applying my subsurf modifiers half way through the modelling process and forgetting to roll back the changes before saving a new file increment. Skyrim shouldn’t have any problem with them though, even on a low end machine, so long as you don’t put everyone and their mother in the outfit.

The textures on the other hand, are a bit insane. By default, the outfit comes with an 8k chest and all 4k peripherals which results in something like 100mb of textures for the full outfit. However, you’ll see in the downloads a “sane textures” option. That’s a 4k chest and 2k peripherals. Install this if your machine isn’t up to the default textures. The visual quality shouldn’t be too much worse.

The “sane textures” pack will work for both the LE and SE version, so just install it with whatever mod organiser you use and let it overwrite the originals.

Which brings me to my next topic. Yes, this is a pretty long post.

I am beginning SSE support.

I’m not going to create ports of most pre-existing mods, especially anything on the archive page, so don’t get your hopes up too high. What I am doing is releasing SSE version of anything new I make, and any new mod updates, from here on. I know a lot of you are using SSE now, and are probably having to go to all kinds of places to find ports of my mods, so I thought I’d fix that.

Today’s Hijiri release is for both LE and SE, but it’s an addon for UNPCMHP., which any new original outfits or converted outfits will be in future. Naturally if you have SE, you don’t have UNPCMHP, so I fixed that too. The base file and the Tightness addon have both been ported to SE as well. All you need is a UNP compatible texture and XPMSE and you’re good to go.

The body is flagged to use CBBE HDT-SMP physics, so if you have HDT-SMP installed, it’ll pick up your breast bounce. Not much more though. All UNPCMHP has is breast bounce support.

Okay, enough waffling. Downloads and screenshots abound.

Hijiri LE version: Download
Hijiri SE version: Download
Hijiri “Sane” textures: Download
Hijiri preview images: Here

UNPCMHP SE version: Download
Tightness SE version: Download

Okay, we’re back

The new setup is vastly simplified over the older one. The setup is a bit sparse right now, but I’ll be filling it out as time goes on.

The page names explain it all, and it’s just those 3 pages. No million sub-pages.

Functionally, everything is back up. All old links on third party sites from before the server crash should be working, thanks to redirects.

Anything you might find “missing” is not actually missing, but omitted due to executive decision. All the incredibly out of date third party followers, and various low resolution texture versions of mods have been left out of the new setup, and will remain left out.

The archives section is just that. Archives. Nothing will be added there. No screenshots, no updates. It exists so people can redownload old mods they may want for whatever reason, not to encourage new users to look.

The current mods section will be populated with screenshots links in the next few days or weeks, but it’s not a priority.

I’ll also jazz up the blog layout a bit. Feels pretty empty without all those butts in the banner.

All in all though, the functional downtime was kept to a minimum. Thanks for bearing with me.

Quick Update

All archives from the old server have been recovered (or were never lost in some cases) and fixing old links is next on the list.

Hopefully things should start being downloadable from third party direct links again soon, and once it’s all up and in the right places, I’ll get to work on making up blog pages so things can be accessed from here directly.

The only caveat is that I’ve made the personal choice to not re-add third party followers, because they’re all painfully outdated by now.

Non-follower third party mods will be restored.

If you really absolutely need to get the old followers, the Wayback Machine is your friend.

Holy shit! It exploded!

So on the morning of the 31st of July, this server suffered a catastrophic hardware failure, resulting in the loss of all server side data.

In the coming weeks I’ll be making an effort to slowly restore all links to the original permalinks (or redirections, at least) so that old links will function again.

Please bear with me while I get a grasp on what needs to be restored and where, and thanks for your patience.

This site is not safe for work! If you're at work, or just under 18, you best back out now, before your boss or your mom sees the butts in the banner.